About Us

Our Mission

We work to prevent high-risk substance use, provide support for addiction recovery, and reduce the social stigma of addiction and recovery, in Ben’s honor.

More specifically, we have 3 primary focus areas:

  1. Provide financial support to those who can’t afford the continuum of care required to increase their chances of successful recovery from addiction.
  2. Raise awareness about the dangers of an increasingly contaminated drug supply.
  3. Reduce the social stigma surrounding frank discussion of addiction and substance abuse.

Our Principles

  1. Honor Ben, his life, his spirit, his passion, his desire to help other people.
  2. Serve others by doing meaningful and impactful work in the area of substance abuse.
  3. Reflect what Ben would have wanted in our organization, our goals, our work and our interactions.
  4. Convey the extent of the need, how our work helps meet that need, and therefore why donations are meaningful.

Our Team

  1. Shauna and Mark Trieb


  2. Jake Meyer

    Board Member

  3. Nash Harloe

    Board Member

  4. Anji and Zeke Cisco


  5. Erin O'Keefe


  6. Christian De Oliveira


  7. Dr. Adam Silberstein, PsyD


  8. Emily Terwelp


  9. Tyler Terwelp


  10. Erin Trieb


  11. Michael Wells